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Reliable business-to-business (B2B) exporter of spare parts worldwide.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.


About Us

As an international trading company, we specialize in wholesale and export of automotive spare parts and oils.

Our wide range of products and extensive experience in global procurement and logistics enable us to serve local distributors and import/export companies worldwide, providing them with tailored solutions.

We take pride in offering our customers outstanding service and are dedicated to ensuring their satisfaction.



Our company offers a wide range of quality products.

Whether it's original parts  or spare parts for cars, Trucks or buses, we have everything in our portofolio that our customers need.

In addition to our wide range of spare parts, we also offer a large selection of oils, engine parts as well as new and reconditioned engines and gearboxes.

Thanks to our cooperation with various purchasing groups, we are able to benefit from different price structures in other countries and pass these savings on to our customers.



At our company, you will receive customized global logistics solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We operate from our warehouse in Munich and are able to handle the shipping of spare parts of any size and type worldwide, whether through container shipments, air freight, postal or courier services.

Of course, we also take care of all customs-related matters in import/export, including customs clearance and export documentation.

Punctual delivery, accurate documentation, and reliable communication are the hallmarks of our services, guaranteeing a high standard of service.


Am Himbeerschlag 2,

80935 Munich


+49 (0) 176 418 50677

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